Cela Industry


At Cela, we take immense pride in our role as providers of cutting-edge solutions to the industrial sector, empowering growth and success across various domains. Whatever challenges your job entails, rest assured that our access platforms are tailored to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Versatility is a cornerstone of Cela’s approach. In a matter of seconds, our telescopic boom can transform with a range of accessories, including different basket sizes, a material handling cage, a fiberglass basket, a hook, and a winch, each accompanied by the necessary crane certification.

Yet, our true strength lies in the art of customization, honed through years of experience in the firefighting sector and seamlessly integrated into our industrial offerings. Our booms can be mounted on compact trucks with remarkable agility or scaled up to medium and large trucks, offering flexibility akin to a bespoke tailor accommodating every customer’s desires.

From Fire to Air

Cela embodies two distinct but intertwined realms: the industrial and the firefighting departments. Within our shared offices and facilities, the same engineers and professionals who craft our firefighting machines also drive the development of our industrial equipment. This symbiotic relationship ensures that knowledge and skills flow seamlessly between these two facets of Cela’s expertise.

To guarantee the utmost safety for our customers, we rigorously test our most advanced technologies in our firefighting platforms. These platforms, designed to aid firefighters in reaching great heights and performing rescues with water and foam pumps, serve as the proving ground for innovations. Once thoroughly vetted, these technologies find their way into our industrial products, delivering top-tier safety to ensure that our customers return home unscathed every night.