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Special applications

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Special applications

In the realm of specialized vehicles, our high-load deck lifts emerge as remarkable solutions, offering expansive stepping areas and the capacity to handle hefty loads.

For airlines seeking seamless catering operations, Cela catering trucks are the go-to choice, facilitating the efficient loading and unloading of food and beverages onto aircraft. Additionally, our specially designed ST and SC truck-mounted versions, encompassing both single telescopic and scissor variants, have been meticulously engineered to cater to the unique demands of street and tunnel maintenance, underscoring our commitment to versatility and precision in meeting diverse industry needs.


Max. working height: 9.2m

Basket capacity: 1000kg

Platform traslation: 700+700mm

Platform dimensions: 2.4×7.4m


Max. working height: 16m

Basket capacity: 400kg

Max turret and cage rotation: 720°

Platform dimensions: 3x2m