At Cela, we’re proud to offer an innovative solution that elevates your experience with our machines: Cela Monitoring System. This cutting-edge software empowers both our trusted distributors and valued customers to have full, real-time control and management of our equipment remotely.


Geolocate with Precision:

Know the exact location of your machine in the field.

Remote Configuration:

Adjust settings and parameters for specific machines from anywhere.

Real-time Telemetry:

Monitor live data and machine performance.

Historical Insights:

Access comprehensive machine usage history.

Session Logs:

Keep track of work sessions efficiently.

Fault Diagnostics:

Quickly identify and troubleshoot issues.


An aerial platform is a long-term investment and it needs monitoring and upkeep. With many years of experience, Cela After Sales department is your partner in keeping both sparepart demand flow easily from the mainplant to our extensive international service network, but also ensuring our dealers’ service personnel is competent enough to provide dedicated assistance in troubleshooting and diagnosing of any problem to the final customers. Cela after sales service department is designed to nail down high productivity and preventing unplanned and unnecessary downtime for all Cela owners. It will ensure the aerial platform you sell to perform throughout its service life as reliably as the day it was bought.