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Compact Versatility

Logo Cela industry DT Truck 15

Compact Versatility

Cela industry DT Truck 15

DT Truck 15

The DT Truck 15 features our exclusive Double Telescopic (DT) technology, offering an expansive and nearly semicircular working area. This means you can reach more points and work more efficiently at height.
This aerial working platform is remarkably compact and can be fitted on commercial trucks with a minimum Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 2.8 tons. Despite its small size, it can accommodate a basket up to 1800mm, boasting a generous payload capacity of 230 kg.
Like all our machines, the DT Truck 15 is crane-certified, allowing for hook and winch attachments. This flexibility extends its usability across various applications, making it a top choice for both municipalities and private businesses.

Minimun GVW: 2,8T

Max. working height: 15m

Negative work: -2m

Up and over clearance: 8m

Horizontal outreach: 7m

Platform height: 13m

Basket capacity: 230Kg

Stabilization: H+H

Hook capacity: 260Kg

Turret rotation: 360°

Basket dimensions: 1,4×0,7×1,1

Basket rotation: 90° + 90°

Platform controls: ELECTRONIC

Truck-mounted AWP DT15 Blu technical data circle
Technical data Cela Industry DT Truck 15
Technical data Cela industry DT Truck 15
Truck-mounted AWP DT15 Blu data table
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