Elevate Your Expectations: Introducing the ST160 by Cela

Elevate Your Expectations: Introducing the ST160 by Cela

Elevate Your Expectations: Introducing the ST160 by Cela 2560 1920 massi.moltrasio@gmail.com

Cela proudly unveils the ST160, a versatile solution engineered to excel in a multitude of applications.

Outriggers retracted Mode:
In this mode, the machine extends its boom to a height of 7 meters from the ground. Operators can maneuver the platform straight ahead while a colleague is up on the basket, ensuring utmost safety, albeit at a slower speed. The configuration allows for a maximum load capacity of 250 kg, facilitating the transportation of essential materials for high-level work.

Outriggers deployed Mode:
For even more remarkable performance, the ST160 extends the boom to an astounding working height of 16 meters, providing exceptional flexibility for high-altitude operations. In this configuration, the load capacity increases to 400 kg, making it ideal for transporting heavier equipment. Moreover, the turret and basket boast a 720-degree rotation capability, allowing easy access to various work areas without the need to reposition the entire machine.

Safety and user-friendliness are paramount in the design of the ST160, ensuring that operators can carry out tasks at elevated heights effectively and securely. Its exceptional versatility, combined with the ability to reach great heights and accommodate substantial loads, positions it as the perfect choice for a multitude of applications.

Key Applications:
Changing Light Fixtures: The ST160 is the ideal solution for replacing light fixtures in large spaces, ensuring that you can illuminate every corner efficiently.

Tunnel Work: Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in tunnel construction and maintenance, where navigating tight spaces demands precision and moving the machine while one operator stays on the basket spares valuable time.

Window Cleaning: For window cleaning professionals, the ST160 simplifies the task, allowing access to various windows without repositioning.

Experience the future of aerial platforms with the ST160. To explore the full range of features and capabilities, please download the product brochure.