New CELA DT Truck 28 FE for B License presented at the First Edition of CELA DEALER EXPO

New CELA DT Truck 28 FE for B License presented at the First Edition of CELA DEALER EXPO

New CELA DT Truck 28 FE for B License presented at the First Edition of CELA DEALER EXPO 2560 1920

Cela introduced the DT Truck 28 FE for Category B license at the inaugural CELA DEALER EXPO, featuring international representatives and cutting-edge innovations.

Yesterday was a memorable event for Cela: the first edition of the CELA DEALER EXPO. Held at the prestigious Golf Club Franciacorta, numerous Cela industrial sector dealers gathered for an event full of innovation and exclusive presentations. Representatives from various countries attended, including Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States, China, Korea, France, the UK, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

During the event, several of Cela’s most advanced machines were showcased:

DT Truck 25: Cela’s flagship model, known for its reliability and performance.DT Truck 60: The brand-new 60-meter platform mounted on an 18-ton truck, which garnered significant interest.

DT Crawler 25 Hybrid: The new hybrid spider, a blend of technology and sustainability.

ST 16: A special application, steerable from the basket, demonstrating remarkable versatility.

DT Truck 28 FE: The star of the evening, a 28-meter platform mounted on a 3.5-ton truck that can be driven with a Category B license.

Introduction of the New DT Truck 28 FE Platform

During the event, we were also honored to present our brand-new truck-mounted platform, the DT28FE, enhancing our range of products from 15 to 60 meters.

This platform, with a working height of 28 meters and drivable with a Category B license, represents a new technological milestone in the sector.

Paolo Troni, president of Cela, stated: “Our vision was to create a lightweight and revolutionary platform, perfect for rental companies seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution without needing more complex licenses like the Category C.”

Exceptional Innovation and Performance

“Developing a platform that combines a working height of over 28 meters, a reach of 14 meters, and a capacity of 250 kg while adhering to the weight restrictions of a Category B license was a two-year challenge. The result is truly astonishing,” Troni added.

Reliability and Convenience

The DT Truck 28 FE, equipped with our iconic double telescopic boom, embodies years of innovation and reliability, especially in critical situations, thanks to our extensive experience in the fire truck sector. Our new Castegnato plant has enabled us to achieve a level of industrialization that offers highly competitive pricing.

Compatibility with Industry 4.0 and 5.0

The DT Truck 28 FE is available exclusively on Iveco Daily trucks and is fully compatible with the requirements of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 programs.